Record wins on Elk Studios

Elk studios, established in 2012, Is a relatively young Swedish company that is surprisingly a big player in the online gaming industry. Like its fellow award-winning companies, Elk studios prides itself on the happiness of its customers. Based on the record wins the company has recorded so far, the company should be very proud, as Elk studios has given huge payouts to some of its lucky clients.

Betting strategies and Record wins on Elk Studios

After realizing that most of its Clients change their bet size according to their results on their last game, Elk studios came up with a new program called betting strategies which uses artificial intelligence and a known betting pattern to electronically alter a bet level depending on rules set aside. With this, the amount of record wins on Elk studios has obviously risen, as the client and the computer work together seamlessly.

Client wins on Hong Kong Tower - one of the record wins on elk studios

According to the company’s website, Betting strategies go hand in hand with their autoplay feature. Autoplay lets you place your bets on online casinos for a predetermined number of times. This, if used wisely, can lead to huge winnings. An example is Youtuber ‘CasinoTest24’ who was able to record winnings worth 774 times his original stake on Elk studios.

Deeper research on Elk studios

Elk studios, like the rest of the online gaming industry, can only be used by individuals who have attained the legal gambling age in their local area. Elk studios boasts of a huge range of potential Record winning games, which is a huge achievement considering its young age. Due to this variety, it is regarded as a fertile hunting ground for potential record wins, despite its lack of progressive jackpots.

Betting Strategies a good bet for huge wins

Elk studios differs from the rest of the industry as it studies facts and applies them to give its clients the satisfaction and feeling they deserve. Although it doesn’t have Progressive jackpots, one gets a feeling that winning big is possible due to its extra features such as the aforementioned Betting strategies. Thus, using a combination of betting strategies and autoplay, one can expect huge wins without constantly being on the phone spinning the reels.